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USIP's Work in Conflict Zones
October 2012

This volume presents seven case studies of the United States Institute of Peace’s facilitated dialogue efforts in Iraq, Kosovo, Israel/Palestine, Colombia, Nigeria, and Nepal. Covering a variety of conflict situations and peacemaking efforts—from the tribal reconciliation in Mahmoudiya, Iraq, to a justice and security dialogue in Nepal—the cases tell stories of peacebuilding successes, efforts in progress, limitations on what can be achieved, and lessons learned.

Paperback: $19.95 $16.00
Case Studies in Constitution Making
April 2010

Analyzing nineteen cases, Framing the State in Times of Transition offers the first in-depth, practical perspective on the implications of constitution-making procedure, and explores emerging international legal norms.

Paperback: $49.95 $40.00
Nigeria as a Pivotal State in the Muslim World
April 2008

Paperback: $14.95 $12.00
The United Nations, Groups of Friends, and the Resolution of Conflict
September 2007

Hardback:  $50.00
Paperback: $24.95 $20.00
The Role of U.S. Internal Security Assistance
December 2006

The authors offer a comprehensive examination of Pakistan’s internal security environment and the effectiveness of its criminal justice structures and assess the impact and utility of the principal United States initiatives to help Pakistan strengthen its internal security.

Paperback: $14.95 $12.00
Dealing with La Grande Nation
December 2003

Paperback: $21.95 $17.50
Foreword by Larry Diamond
October 2001

Paperback: $19.95 $16.00
Managing Risk and Change in the International System
June 1994

Hardback:  $37.50
Paperback: $21.95 $17.50
Coercive Diplomacy as an Alternative to War
February 1992

Paperback: $14.95 $12.00

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