The Future of Global Governance

Managing Risk and Change in the International System
June 1994
368 Pages
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368 Pages
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What are the major political, economic, technological, environmental, and social changes confronting the world today, and what risks do they pose? Given what we know about these changes and risks, what adjustments will have to be undertaken to make the world as peaceful and stable as possible? Drawing on over 30 years' research, the eminent European scholar Mihaly Simai combines a global systems approach with a hard-headed appreciation of political realities as he seeks answers to these two overarching questions.

This volume is at once richly informative and profoundly challenging. Unflinching in its diagnosis of the past failures and present inadequacies of global governance, pragmatic in its prescriptions for more effective multilateral cooperation, Simai's work dissects the dimensions and dangers of a world in transition.

Mihaly Simai

Mihaly Simai is director of the World Institute of Development Economics Research of the United Nations University and the former director of the Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His earlier books on the subject of global change include Toward the Third Millennium; Interdependence and Conflicts in the World Economy; and Global Power Structure, Technology, and World Economy.

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