America's Strategic Posture

The Final Report of the Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States
May 2009
184 Pages
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For more than eleven months this bipartisan commission of leading experts on national security, arms control, and nuclear technology met with Congressional leaders, military officers, high-level officials of several countries, arms control groups, and technical experts to assess the appropriate roles for nuclear weapons, nonproliferation programs, and missile defenses. This official edition contains a discussion of key questions and issues as well as the Commission’s findings and recommendations for tailoring U.S. strategic posture to new and emerging requirements as the world moves closer to a proliferation tipping point.

"A bipartisan Congressional commission on U.S. nuclear strategy released its report last week, and it deserved more attention than it got. It delivered a candid message that not many want to hear: We're a long way from a nuclear-free world. . . . The commission's recommendations provide a welcome dose of nuclear realism. The Administration and Congress ignore them at the nation's peril."

Wall Street Journal

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