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December 2010

In the conflict resolution realm, track II peacemaking or diplomacy has become increasingly common, complementing the more formal track I peacemaking efforts in myriad ways and at various points throughout a peace process. Conducting Track II Peacemaking presents the process of track II intervention as a series of steps that guide peacemakers in coordinating various track II efforts to maximize their positive impacts.

Written for both track I and track II actors, this handbook:

* illuminates the role and importance of track II activities;
* charts a wide range of track II activities, from assessment, conception, and planning through to implementation and evaluation; and,
* discusses the need to ensure that different peacemaking efforts support and reinforce one another.

This volume is the seventh in the Peacemaker’s Toolkit series. Each handbook addresses a facet of the work of mediating violent conflicts, including such topics as negotiations with terrorists, constitution making, assessing and enhancing ripeness, and debriefing mediators.

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