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Second Edition
May 2010

“Diplomacy is . . .

the application of intelligence and tact to the conduct of official relations between governments.”
— Ernest Satow

the art of saying ‘Nice doggie’ till you can find a rock.”
— Wynn Catlin

the art of relating states to each other by agreement rather than by the exercise of force.”
— Henry A. Kissinger

the continuation of war by other means.”
— Zhou Enlai

the management of the relations between independent
states by the process of negotiation.”
— Harold Nicolson

the police in grand costume.”
— Napoleon

With its first edition in 1994, The Diplomat’s Dictionary quickly became a classic reference book, offering professionals and enthusiasts practical information, witty insights, and words of wisdom on the art and practice of diplomacy. The expanded second edition contains 476 new entries, including definitions for selected up-to-date terminology and hundreds of additional quotations from across cultures and centuries. Mediators, foreign policy officials, ambassadors, speechwriters, academics, and legislators alike are guaranteed to be inspired and entertained by this unique collection of definitions and quotations.

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