A Strategy for Preventive Diplomacy
USIP Press Books
April 1996
240 pp., 6" x 9"
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In this balanced and comprehensive analysis--the first of its kind--Michael Lund defines early warning and preventive diplomacy; assesses, after reviewing several recent preventive efforts, who does it, what methods work, and why; and suggests how multilateral and national entities (especially the U.S. government) can overcome operational challenges to effective preventive action.

The book concludes by sketching the outlines of a more systematic, global preventive regime, one that draws on the strengths of individual states, the United Nations, regional organizations, and NGOs.

Michael S. Lund is an international relations consultant who was formerly senior scholar and director of the Jennings Randolph fellowship program at the U.S. Institute of Peace.


  • Between Idea and Policy
  • Concept, Tools, and Targets
  • Lessons from Experience
  • Policymaking and Implementation
  • Organizing a Preventive Regime
  • Appendixes

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