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Challenges for Empirical Research
February 2009

In Assessing the Impact of Transitional Justice, fourteen leading researchers study seventy countries that have suffered from autocratic rule, genocide, and protracted internal conflict.

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Flexible Solutions to Ethnic Conflicts
February 1997

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  March 1999

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A Handbook for Policymakers and Practitioners
December 2006

Presents broad guidelines and specific prescriptions for combating serious crime in societies emerging from conflict.

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The Growth of UN Decision Making on Conflict and Postconflict Issues after the Cold War
December 2006

Examines the UN Security Council’s new, expansive exercise of legal authority in the post-Cold War period and its devising of bold and innovative methods—coercive and noncoercive—to stop nascent wars and “threats to the peace,” including international terrorism.

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  July 2011

Customary Justice and the Rule of Law in War-Torn Societies presents seven in-depth case studies that take a broad interdisciplinary approach to the study of the justice system. Moving beyond the narrow lens of legal analysis, the cases—Mozambique, Guatemala, East Timor, Afghanistan, Liberia, Iraq, Sudan—examine the larger historical, political, and social factors that shape the character and role of customary justice systems and their place in the overall justice sector.

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The Role of U.S. Internal Security Assistance
December 2006

The authors offer a comprehensive examination of Pakistan’s internal security environment and the effectiveness of its criminal justice structures and assess the impact and utility of the principal United States initiatives to help Pakistan strengthen its internal security.

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Case Studies in Constitution Making
April 2010

Analyzing nineteen cases, Framing the State in Times of Transition offers the first in-depth, practical perspective on the implications of constitution-making procedure, and explores emerging international legal norms.

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  November 2009

Guiding Principles for Stabilization and Reconstruction presents the first-ever, comprehensive set of shared principles for building sustainable peace in societies emerging from violent conflict. The manual serves as a tool for U.S. government civilian planners and practitioners engaged in stabilization and reconstruction (S&R) missions and is a valuable resource for international actors and nongovernmental organizations.

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  November 2008

In this innovative and stimulating volume, Francis Deng outlines a new relationship between governments and societies—a relationship informed by Western concepts but based on traditional African values such as respect for human dignity, equality, and self-rule.

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Institutional Bridges to Peace and Democracy?
December 2007

This edited volume by Karen Guttieri and Jessica Piombo explores various aspects of the newly emerging range of interim regimes, focusing on issues of legitimacy, conflict management, and the increasing participation of the international community in transitions from war to peace.

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Volume II: Model Code of Criminal Procedure
October 2008

Volume II of Model Codes for Post-Conflict Criminal Justice continues the path-breaking work of volume I, providing an indispensable resource for those striving to reestablish the rule of law in societies recently wracked by violent conflict.

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Volume I: Model Criminal Code
September 2007

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How Emerging Democracies Reckon with Former Regimes, Volume I: General Considerations
September 1995

Assembles a rich variety of legal, political, and philosophical perspectives on how societies can deal with the legacy of repression.

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How Emerging Democracies Reckon with Former Regimes, Volume II: Country Studies
September 1995

Examines more than 20 transitions from World War II to the present, including the denazification programs of the 1950s, democratic transformations in southern Europe in the mid '70s and Latin America in the '80s, and decommunization efforts in the '90s.

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How Emerging Democracies Reckon with Former Regimes, Volume III: Laws, Rulings, and Reports
September 1995

Includes over 100 laws, regulations and decrees, constitutional provisions, judicial decisions, reports of official, commissions of inquiry, and treaty excerpts from 28 countries and from international organizations.

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Comparing Processes, Weighing Efficacy
June 2010

In the first project of its kind to compare multiple mechanisms and combinations of mechanisms across regions, countries, and time, Transitional Justice in Balance: Comparing Processes, Weighing Efficacy systematically analyzes the claims made in the literature using a vast array of data, which the authors have assembled in the Transitional Justice Data Base.

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America's Search for a Postconflict Stability Force
January 2004

A penetrating study of U.S. policy on peace operations, Perito examines the challenges of establishing sustainable security in postconflict environments in places like the Balkans, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

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