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Through a Peacebuilding Lens
Edited by Moeed Yusuf
May 2014

In Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in South Asia, ten experts native to South Asia consider the nature of intrastate insurgent movements from a peacebuilding perspective. Case studies on India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka lend new insights into the dynamics of each conflict and how they might be prevented or resolved.

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Ebook:  $24.95
Competition, Crisis, and the Reordering of Power
December 2011

Iraq, Its Neighbors, and the United States examines how Iraq's evolving political order affects its complex relationships with its neighbors and the United States. The book depicts a region unbalanced, shaped by new and old tensions, struggling with a classic collective action dilemma, and anxious about Iraq's political future, as well as America's role in the region, all of which suggest trouble ahead absent concerted efforts to promote regional cooperation. In the volume's case studies, acclaimed scholars and experts review Iraq's bilateral relationships with Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Arab States, Syria, and Jordan and explore how Iraq's neighbors could advance the country's transition to security and stability.

Paperback:  $19.95
  October 2011

International Mediation in Venezuela analyzes the effort of the Carter Center and the broader international community to prevent violent conflict, to reconcile a deeply divided society, and to preserve democratic processes. From their perspective as facilitators of the intervention and as representatives of the Carter Center, Jennifer McCoy and Francisco Diez present an insider account of mediation at the national and international level.

Paperback:  $24.95
Ebook:  $24.95
  February 2010

Leading experts on mediation and the plight of internally displaced persons (IDPs) collaborated to produce this handbook, which gives mediators the tools they need to incorporate IDPs' concerns into peace processes and agreements.

Paperback:  $10.00
Ebook:  $10.00
  November 2008

In this innovative and stimulating volume, Francis Deng outlines a new relationship between governments and societies—a relationship informed by Western concepts but based on traditional African values such as respect for human dignity, equality, and self-rule.

Hardcover:  $50.00
Paperback:  $19.95
Iran as a Pivotal State in the Muslim World
October 2008

As the third book in the series from the Institute’s Muslim World Initiative on pivotal states in the Muslim world, this lucid and timely volume sheds much-needed light on Iran’s strikingly complex political system and foreign policy and its central role in the region.

Paperback:  $14.95
Institutional Bridges to Peace and Democracy?
December 2007

This edited volume by Karen Guttieri and Jessica Piombo explores various aspects of the newly emerging range of interim regimes, focusing on issues of legitimacy, conflict management, and the increasing participation of the international community in transitions from war to peace.

Hardback:  $50.00
Paperback:  $24.95
Is Past Still Prologue?
May 2006

This book provides a historical and current review of the trends of six key India-Pakistan negotiations, largely over shared resources and political boundaries.

Paperback:  $12.50
Agendas, Policies, and Practices
January 2004

Hardback:  $65.00
Paperback:  $39.95
  May 2002

Paperback:  $14.95
1991–96 and Beyond
January 2000

Paperback:  $21.95
  September 1997

Paperback:  $14.95
A History of the Israeli Peace Movement
May 1996

Hardback:  $37.50
Paperback:  $35.00
Religion, Politics, and Power in the Middle East
November 1992

Paperback:  $10.00
A controversial proposal for the formation of an international authority that would monitor use of the "poor man's nuclear weapon" and assist countries under attack.


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