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Diplomacy is...the art of lubricating the wheels of international relations.

Sisley Huddleston

Diplomacy is...the management of the relations between independent states by the process of negotiation.

Harold Nicolson

Diplomacy is…the police in grand uniform.


Diplomacy is . . .the application of intelligence and tact to the conduct of official relations between governments.

Ernest Satow

Diplomacy is . . .the art of saying "nice doggie" till you can find a rock.

Wynn Catlin
Please see the new, replacement volume Diplomat's Dictionary: Second Edition.

Diplomacy obviously means very different things to different people. In this entertaining and informative collection, career diplomat Chas Freeman brings together keen observations, witty insights, shrewd advice, and classic words of wisdom on the art and practice of diplomacy. In so doing, this wide-ranging compendium draws on many cultures, ancient and modern.

This revised edition adds about eighty new entries to the text. Like the first edition, it should be useful to "anyone who may be called upon to deal with complex and challenging situations in cross-cultural circumstances."

Chas. W. Freeman, Jr., has been a career officer in the U.S. Foreign Service, ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War, and assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs. He was a fellow at the United States Institute of Peace in 1994-95 and is the author of Arts of Power: Statecraft and Diplomacy (USIP Press) and Diplomat's Dictionary (USIP Press).

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