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December 2010
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In the conflict resolution realm, track II peacemaking or diplomacy has become increasingly common, complementing the more formal track I peacemaking efforts in myriad ways and at various points throughout a peace process. Conducting Track II Peacemaking presents the process of track II intervention as a series of steps that guide peacemakers in coordinating various track II efforts to maximize their positive impacts.

Written for both track I and track II actors, this handbook:

* illuminates the role and importance of track II activities;
* charts a wide range of track II activities, from assessment, conception, and planning through to implementation and evaluation; and,
* discusses the need to ensure that different peacemaking efforts support and reinforce one another.

This volume is the seventh in the Peacemaker’s Toolkit series. Each handbook addresses a facet of the work of mediating violent conflicts, including such topics as negotiations with terrorists, constitution making, assessing and enhancing ripeness, and debriefing mediators.

Heidi Burgess has a PhD in sociology and has been working as a conflict resolution teacher, scholar, and practitioner for almost forty years. For the last twenty-two years, she has co-directed with her husband Guy Burgess, the University of Colorado Conflict Information Consortium, where she and Guy have developed, Beyond, and the forthcoming online portal on governance and peace, the Governance Forum. She also teaches peace and conflict studies and communication at the University of Colorado and conflict resolution and international studies at the University of Denver's Korbel School.

After receiving his PhD in sociology from the University of Colorado, doing postdoctoral work at MIT, and spending several years doing public policy work, Guy Burgess helped establish, with his wife Heidi, the University of Colorado Conflict Information Consortium. For more than twenty years with the Consortium, he has worked to make information on constructive approaches to conflict more accessible. Building on the Consortium's Beyond Intractability knowledge base, Guy leads the development of the Governance Forum, a next generation, online knowledge base and learning community. He also teaches with the Colorado Peace and Conflict Studies Program and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

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