Challenges for U.S. Engagement
USIP Press Books
August 2009
486 pp., 6" x 9"
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Preface by Abiodun Williams

Policymakers and activists in the United States, Europe, and the Muslim world today face a growing challenge of how to prevent disputes now woven into the fabric of Western-Muslim relations from splintering destabilizing political communities. Conflict, Identity, and Reform in the Muslim World highlights the challenges that escalating identity conflicts within Muslim-majority states pose for both the Muslim world and for the West, an issue that has received scant attention in policy and academic circles.

This reader, which includes commissioned essays as well as work previously published or sponsored by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), gathers in one place the latest thinking and contending analyses from a talented group of contributors. These international scholar-activists bring diverse normative, analytical, and disciplinary interests to their work. A product of USIP’s Muslim World Initiative, this volume embraces that pluralism while identifying points of convergence and difference that together point to innovative ways to improve U.S.-Muslim relations and promote Muslim-world peacebuilding.

Contributors include: Mohammed Abu-Nimer • Judy Barsalou • Dorina A. Bekoe • Daniel Brumberg • Iris Glosemeyer • Pierre Hazan • Steven Heydemann • Qamar-ul Huda • Thomas H. Johnson • John W. Limbert • Abdeslam Maghraoui • Jonathan Morrow • Ahmad S. Moussalli • Hesham Sallam • Dina Shehata • David R. Smock • Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai • Annette Weber • Mona Yacoubian

Daniel Brumberg is associate professor of Government at Georgetown University and acting director of USIP’s Muslim World Initiative in the Center for Conflict Analysis and Prevention, where he focuses on issues of democratization and political reform in the Middle East and wider Islamic world.

Dina Shehata is a senior researcher at Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies. She previously worked as special advisor for the Muslim World Initiative at USIP.


  • Preface - Abiodun Williams
  • Introduction - Daniel Brumberg and Dina Shehata
  • Part I: The Grand Debate: Islamic Renewal or Political Reform?
  • American Foreign Policy and Islamic Renewal - Abdeslam M. Maghraoui
  • Religion in World Affairs: Its Role in Conflict and Peace - David R. Smock
  • Islam Is Not the Solution (or the Problem) - Daniel Brumberg
  • Part II: Islamic Renewal: Fixing Islam?
  • Ijtihad: Reinterpreting Islamic Principles for the Twenty-first Century - David R. Smock
  • Two Discourses on Modern Islamic Political Thought: Fundamentalism and Modernism - Ahmad S. Moussalli
  • Islamic Principles of Nonviolence and Peace Building: A Framework - Mohammed Abu-Nimer
  • Applying Islamic Principles in the Twenty-first Century: Nigeria, Iran, and Indonesia - David R. Smock
  • Part III: Fixing Politics? Power Sharing and Political Reform
  • Afghanistan's Post Taliban Transition: State Building after War - Thomas H. Johnson
  • Iraq's Constitutional Process: An Opportunity Lost - Jonathan Morrow
  • Political Progress in Iraq During the Surge - Rend Al-Rahim Francke
  • Promoting Middle East Democracy II: Arab Initiatives - Mona Yacoubian
  • Morocco: Betting on a Truth and Reconciliation Commission - Pierre Hazan
  • Islamists at the Ballot Box: Findings from Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and Turkey - Judy Barsalou
  • Islamists and Non-Islamists in the Egyptian Opposition - Dina Shehata
  • The JMP Alliance: New Political Pragmatism in Yemen? - Iris Glosemeyer and Hesham Sallam
  • Part IV: Engaging Peoples and Polities
  • Building Interreligious Trust in a Climate of Fear: An Abrahamic Trialogue - David R. Smock
  • The Diversity of Muslims in the United States: Views as Americans - Qamar-ul Huda
  • Part V: Engaging Parties and Movements: Beyond Islam
  • Between Realism and Wilsonianism: The U.S. and the Muslim World After Iraq - Daniel Brumberg
  • The Challenge of Political Islam: Understanding the U.S. Debate - Steven Heydemann
  • Islam and Symbolic Politics in Somalia - Annette Weber
  • The Conflicts in Sudan: American and European Policies - Dorina A. Bekoe
  • Conclusion: Security, Reform and Diplomacy - Challenges Ahead
  • Islamist Political Power in Turkey: Challenges for Brussels and Washington - Steven A. Cook
  • Thwarting Afghanistan's Insurgency: A Pragmatic Approach Toward Peace and Reconciliation - Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai
  • Negotiating with the Islamic Republic of Iran: Fifteen Points to Remember - John W. Limbert
  • About the Editors and Contributors

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