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The U.S. Role in Peacemaking
October 1995

Paperback:  $14.95
USIP's Work in Conflict Zones
October 2012

This volume presents seven case studies of the United States Institute of Peace’s facilitated dialogue efforts in Iraq, Kosovo, Israel/Palestine, Colombia, Nigeria, and Nepal. Covering a variety of conflict situations and peacemaking efforts—from the tribal reconciliation in Mahmoudiya, Iraq, to a justice and security dialogue in Nepal—the cases tell stories of peacebuilding successes, efforts in progress, limitations on what can be achieved, and lessons learned.

Paperback:  $19.95
Ebook:  $19.95
  May 2002

Paperback:  $14.95
Foreign Intervention in Africa
December 1993

Paperback:  $19.95
  August 2008

Managing the Mediation Process offers an overview of the process of mediating interstate and intrastate conflicts. Each of its six chapters covers a different step in the process, identifying what needs to be done at that step and how best to accomplish it.

Paperback:  $10.00
Ebook:  $10.00
Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Views on Nonviolence and International Conflict
March 1995

Paperback:  $10.00
Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Attitudes Toward Force
August 2002

Paperback:  $12.50

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